Services We Do Not Provide

Because of the size and scope of our research division we have had to make choices about what services we can and cannot offer.

Please refer to the list below for clarity regarding services that we are not able to offer here at the UVA-Division of Perceptual Studies:


  • We are not able to offer therapeutic services via telephone, email or correspondences.  Nor are we able to provide counseling services by telephone, email or correspondence to persons made anxious by unusual experiences.  When the experience falls within the scope of our research,  we offer the best advice we can during interviews, or perhaps during correspondence. If we are aware of a well-qualified psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, or other counselor who may be appropriate for a particular inquirer, we may recommend this person be contacted.


  • We are not able to be interviewed over the telephone or answer lists of questions about our research, for student papers or by the media. Many questions can be answered by a careful reading of this website.


  • We are not able to assist students with their papers beyond guiding them toward appropriate literature and research.



  • We are not able to read or comment on unsolicited manuscripts.


  • We are not able to offer courses in paranormal phenomena. See our Educational Activities page on this website for possible research and post graduate project opportunities.


  • We are not able to state or imply that the UVA Division of Perceptual Studies or the University of Virginia has certified or endorsed commercial programs, products, or services of any sort.