Pharmacology Training Grant Awarded for 49th Year

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For nearly five decades, UVA School of Medicine’s Training Program in Pharmacology has been funded continuously by NIH’s National Institute of General Medical Sciences in the form of a Pharmacological Sciences Training Grant (PSTG). Indeed, this training grant’s 50th birthday will be on July 1 next year! The original four-digit award number T32 GM007055-48 was retired due to a change in the governing NIH PAR, but Pharmacology was recently awarded another T32 (GM148379) with hopes to continue that grant for decades more.

Currently, the leadership team (MPIs) consists of Kevin Lynch, PhD, Michelle Bland, PhD and Thurl Harris, PhD, and the PSTG includes 25 participating faculty drawn from eight departments in the School of Medicine.

Read more about the Pharmacological Sciences Training Grant here and here.



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