Pharmacological Sciences Training Grant

Goals of the Program

The Pharmacology Sciences Training Program (PSTP) has been active for almost fifty years, and in that time, it has trained hundreds of scientists. Nearly all of these trainees have gone on to successful careers in academia, industry, education, patent law or regulatory affairs. A large part of the success of the program is in the department’s commitment to recruitment of new and diverse training faculty whose programs incorporate new research approaches, creative teaching methods and semi-annual review of trainee progress and mentor performance. The mission is to create a new generation of pharmacological sciences researchers with exceptional technical and communication skills who will be well positioned as future leaders in discovery and education.

The Pharmacological Sciences Training Grant (PSTG) provides funding for this program, and facilitates the diversity in research topics that have helped to make it so successful.


Applications for funding by the Pharmacological Sciences Training Grant (PSTG) will be accepted in early May, in accordance with the deadlines established by the Graduate Programs Office (GPO). GPO uses Collab to collect nominations and the Collab site will be viewable to mentors in late April (look for the tab “bims-tgnom”). The PSTG offers 7 pre-doctoral training slots for students in good academic standing in their programs. Any PSTG mentor may nominate any student for a position on the PSTG.


Students appointed to the PSTG are required to attend and actively participate in the PHAR 8110/8120 Pharmacology Literature (Tuesdays at noon) and PHAR 7010/7020 Seminar in Pharmacology (Thursdays at 9:30 a.m.) during their term of appointment. PSTG Trainees are also required to matriculate in BIMS 7100 (Research Ethics), BIMS 8380 (Practical Use of Statistics in Biomedical Research), PHAR 9400 (Grant Writing in the Pharmacological Sciences) (or equivalent writing course) and the PHAR 9001 and 9002 (Principles of Pharmacology I and II) courses. All required courses must be taken either prior to or during the term of appointment.

PSTG Mentors

Pharmacology PhD students may train under any tenured or tenure-eligible faculty with appointments in Pharmacology or associated with the Pharmacological Sciences Training Grant. Since these faculty have appointments in many other departments, this provides PSTG students with great flexibility in their choice of mentors and research areas for study. You can view our training faculty alphabetically, by research area, by techniques practiced in the lab, or by disease.

Diversity Training

The PSTG is dedicated to creating a diverse training environment. For more information, please visit our page for the PSTG & Diversity.

Grant Recipients