Journal Club Schedule

Spring 2023 

(12:00 noon,  Pinn 5023 )

Session I- Black History Month

02/14–  Michael Chi (Mentored by Ira Schulman, PhD)
02/21– Lizzie van Gorder (Mentored by Mark Beenhakker, PhD)
02/28– David Leace (Mentored by Michelle Bland, PhD)

Session II- Kevin Lynch, PhD - G Protein Coupled Receptors

03/07– Sze Ham (Bena) Chan
03/14– Synphane Gibbs
03/21– Michael Lemke
03/28–  No Class (End of BIMS Module S1)

Session III- Tarek Abbas, PhD- Ferroptosis and Human Malignancy

04/04– Daniel Lank
04/11– Madison Failor

Session IV- Independent/Unmentored Research

04/18– Caitlin Pavelec