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Denise Bonds

Bonds, Denise E.

Prevention of heart disease, association and prevention of other co-morbidities in patients with diabetes, women's health, and the improvement of medical care in the outpatient setting.

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Bovbjerg, Viktor E.

Social influences on health and health behavior, pharmacoepidemiology, health care outcomes research.

Graham Casey

Casey, Graham

Genomic analysis of colorectal cancer risk

Wei-Min Chen

Chen, Wei-Min

Statistical genetics and genomics.

Wendy Cohn

Cohn, Wendy

Evaluation Methods; Cosumer Health Informatics; Public Health

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Colvin, Christopher

Public Health

Mark Conaway

Conaway, Mark

Early stage trials, reference curves and outcome measures.

Don Detmer

Detmer, Don E.

National and Global Health Information Infrastructures

Carolyn Engelhard

Engelhard, Carolyn L.

Social policy implications of the expansion of corporate managed health care delivery systems and current issues in governmentally financed health programs.

Charles Farber

Farber, Charles R.

Systems Genetics of Skeletal Development and Maintenance

Ruth Gaare Bernheim

Gaare Bernheim, Ruth

Public health policy, law, bioethics, medical ethics, ethics

Arthur Garson

Garson, Arthur (Tim)

Arrhythmias in children and young adults

Matthew Gurka

Gurka, Matthew J.

Longitudinal data analysis; linear mixed models; model selection techniques; diagnostic techniques for linear models; transformations; interim data and power analysis; general pediatric research; rehabilitation research; diabetes and obesity control

James Harrison

Harrison, James H.

Clinical decision support; Clinical process monitoring; Time sequence analysis in medicine; Clinical user interface design; Modeling health-related data and documents; Healthcare data mining; Collaboration support.

Keith Keene

Keene, Keith L

Complex Human Disease

William Knaus

Knaus, William A.

Determination of outcomes and prognostic scoring systems

Jae Lee

Lee, Jae K.

Genomic expression-based personalized chemotherapeutic response prediction; Integrative pathway modeling on atherosclerosis and cancer immunogenicity; Discovery of chemosensitivity biomarkers and novel chemotherapeutic compounds.

Jason Lyman

Lyman, Jason

Data warehousing, informatics education, data modeling, clinical terminologies, and the application of standards in clinical informatics.

Jennie Ma

Ma, Jennie

Survival Analysis; longitudinal data analysis; latent variable analysis and mixture modeling; clinical trial design; Outcomes research

Aaron Mackey

Mackey, Aaron J.

Statistical and computational genomics, including next-gen SNP discovery, comparative gene structure prediction, functional RNA-seq and ChIP-seq analyses.

Ani Manichaikul

Manichaikul, Ani W.

Statistical Genetics, Genetic Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Network analysis

Clint Miller

Miller, Clint L.

Genetic variation, Complex diseases, Coronary artery disease, Genomics, Epigenomics, Regulatory mechanisms, Vascular biology, Pharmacology and Physiology

Josyf (Joe) Mychaleckyj

Mychaleckyj, Josyf (Joe) C.

Statistical analysis applied to complex disease genetics; Genetics and genomics of diabetic complications and kidney disease

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Nayak, Uma

Infant and maternal nutrition

Wendy Novicoff

Novicoff, Wendy M.

Quality data and reporting, performance improvement, program evaluation, project management, integration of research methods, outcomes analysis

Gina Petroni

Petroni, Gina R.

Biostatistics and Epidemiology

John Platig

Platig, John H

Gene regulatory networks, Systems genetics, Multi-omic data integration, Network science

Aakrosh Ratan

Ratan, Aakrosh

Genomics, Molecular Evolution, Algorithm Design and Analysis

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Ratcliffe, Sarah

Functional data analysis (models for complex curves), joint models for longitudinal and survival data

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Reynolds, Robert E.

Clinical data repository; Data mining; High performance computing and the National LambdaRail Initiative

Stephen Rich

Rich, Stephen S.

Genetic basis of common human disease, including type 1 diabetes, diabetic complications, ischemic stroke, atherosclerosis

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Scialla, Julia

Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology

Nathan Sheffield

Sheffield, Nathan

computational biology & bioinformatics; high performance computing; epigenomics & chromatin; pediatric cancer; computational regulatory genomics; machine learning

Lois Shepherd

Shepherd, Lois L.

Health law and bioethics.

George Stukenborg

Stukenborg, George J.

Mortality risk adjustment methods; Administrative data base studies; Comorbid disease measurement

Nolan Wages

Wages, Nolan A

Design, monitoring, and analysis of early-phase clinical trials in oncology.

Guofen Yan

Yan, Guofen

Clinical epidemiology, outcomes research, and racial/ethnic disparities; Models for survival, longitudinal and clustered data.

Yaohua Yang

Yang, Yaohua

Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology; Cancer; Human Microbiome

Chongzhi Zang

Zang, Chongzhi

Bioinformatics methodology development; Epigenetics and chromatin biology; Transcriptional regulation; Cancer genomics and epigenomics; Statistical methods for biomedical data integration; Advanced machine learning; Theoretical and computational biophysic