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Postdoctoral Fellow Xiaoqiong Wei, PhD, Awarded the 2023 Ben J. Lipps Research Fellowship


Postdoctoral fellow Xiaoqiong Wei, PhD, of the Qi Lab, has been awarded a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship from the American Society of Nephrology (ASN), along with the esteemed designation of Ben…

Congratulations to Stefanie Redemann, elected chair of the Biophysical Society Physical Cell Biology Subgroup


We congratulate Stefanie Redemann who has been elected chair  of the Biophysical Society Physical Cell Biology Subgroup.

The Leventals receive the 2024 Avanti Award in Lipids


Congratulations to Kandice and Ilya Levental on their outstanding achievement in receiving the prestigious 2024 AVANTI Award in Lipids from the Biophysical Society. This is truly a remarkable accomplishment that reflects…

Congratulations to Anne Kenworthy, PhD, Elected to Council of the Biophysical Society


The Department congratulates Anne Kenworthy on this great honor! Anne Kenworthy, PhD, was elected to the Council of the Biophysical Society. Consisting of 7,500 members, the Biophysical Society is a…

Huiwang Ai, Ph.D., Congratulations on being selected a Pinn Scholar for 2023-2026!


Huiwang Ai has been selected as a Pinn Scholar for 2023-2026. The Pinn Scholars program is named in honor of Dr. Vivian Pinn who was a graduate of the UVA…

Ahmad Jomaa selected for the 2023 Searle Scholar program supporting high risk, high reward research.


Congratulations to assistant professor Ahmad Jomaa on being selected a 2023 Searle Scholar. Ahmad joins a group of 15 exceptional young faculty in biological, chemical and engineering sciences from top…

Congratulations to Brant Isakson, Ph.D., named 2024 recipient of the Robert M. Berne Distinguished Lectureship given by the Cardiovascular Section of the APS


We congratulate Brant Isakson, Ph.D., for receiving this well deserved and prestigious award. Dr. Isakson is a Professor in the Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics Department and the Robert M.…

Huiwang Ai, PhD Awarded Two Grants From the NIH for $5.3 Million


Huiwang Ai, Ph.D., was honored in the UVa Medicine in Motion newsletter for receiving two new R01 grants totaling $5.3M. We congratulate you Huiwang!

Congratulations to Anne Kenworthy for receiving the Mildred Cohen Award in Biological Chemistry.


The award recognizes and honors scientists at all stages of their careers who have made substantial advances in understanding biological chemistry using innovative physical approaches. Anne’s work beautifully embodies the…

Congratulations to Graduate Students Bena Chan, Luis Real Hernandez, and Jeremi Kuklewicz, to be named 2022 Wagner Fellows


Please congratulate the 2022 Wagner Fellows in our department! Wagner Fellowships are awarded each year to some of the most promising graduate students in the BIMS programs. Sze Ham "Bena"…