Shared Resources

The Department of Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics is housed within the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Sheridan Snyder Translational Research Building and portions of the 1st and 4th floors of Pinn Hall. The Department has the capacity to support between 10-18 resident faculty laboratories. To help foster and promote basic and applied research and to help integrate interdisciplinary research efforts the Department provides several shared resources to its members.

Ultimately these facilities are set up for the immediate use of Department laboratories but they are generally available to other personnel. The Department will make every effort to post procedures on our website or in the locations of shared areas/equipment, but is not responsible for any failure or loss due to general equipment malfunctions beyond our control.

Contact information for each shared resource is provided below. Users who would like to know more information about these systems should contact Mark Daniels directly to discuss equipment, training, scheduling and issues at 924-8469 or at

Licor Imaging System (Pinn 4220A): David Cooper

Licor Imaging System (Snyder 320): Mark Daniels

Autoclave Systems (Pinn 4214): John Chapman

Autoclave Systems (Snyder 215 & 315): Mark Daniels

Beckman Liquid Scintillation Counter (Snyder 373): Mark Daniels

Cell Microfluidizer System (Pinn 4220): David Cooper

Cell Microfluidizer Systems (Snyder 315): Mark Daniels

Guava Flow Cytometer (Snyder 320): Susan Leonhardt

Insect Cell Culture Facility (Snyder 334 & 234): Susan Leonhardt

Korima PRS-2000 Protein Review Station (Snyder 361): Mark Daniels

Mammalian Cell Culture Facility (Snyder 272): Susan Leonhardt

Mosquito Liquid Dispensing Robot (Pinn 4220A): David Cooper

Mosquito Liquid Dispensing Robot (Snyder 361): Mark Daniels

NT8 LCP Robot (Snyder 320): Michael Purdy

Glass Wash System (Pinn 4214): John Chapman

Glass Wash Systems (Snyder 215 & 315): Mark Daniels


Responsibility of Shared Resources

The responsibility for the maintenance, upkeep, monitoring, and running of shared space and resources rests with all faculty in Pinn and Snyder. For example, it is expected that all shared facilities and equipment spaces are left clean and functional. All items stored in shared areas must be clearly marked with lab name and contact info. If problems arise with the unsupervised shared spaces, please discuss these with Mark Daniels.

In supervised shared spaces, the principal investigator assigned to oversee the operation of that space has the authority to create rules and regulations that pertain to the usage of the shared space, as they see fit, to guarantee that the integrity of the space remains intact.

These rules and regulations can be but are not limited to: experimental techniques to be used in the space, training required, monitoring the access to the shared space, requiring reservation and signing in of the space and disciplinary actions associated with improper usage of the space. Each PI supervising a shared resource will provide a set of written rules that will be reviewed and posted accordingly.