Activities by Semester

1st Semester: PSP 1A

This is the first semester of medical school for our students. Their task in this semester is to get to know their patient partner, both as a person and about their medical conditions. The students will schedule a time to meet with their patient partner to speak with them and learn about their life and their chronic illness. The students will also obtain a standard medical history from their patients. This meeting can be at a doctor visit, a location chosen together, or in the era of COVID, over video chat or by phone. The students will have until the beginning of December to complete this task with their patient partner.

2nd Semester: PSP 1B

This is the second semester of medical school for our students. They will have a number of options to choose from for their task in this semester to practice clinical skills they are learning in class. This task can be completed in person, over video chat, or over the phone. The students will choose one of the following options, and will have until late April to complete this task:

3rd Semester: PSP 1C

This is the last semester before the students begin their clerkship rotations. Their task in this semester is to meet with their patient partner (either in person at a doctor visit, procedure, or hospital admission, or over video chat) to learn about the medications their patient is taking. The student will ask their patient to bring their bottles to this meeting, and they will ask their patients how they are taking each medication. The student will then compare their patient’s bottles to the medication list in their patient’s chart. This teaches the students the importance of understanding how complex medication regimens can be and importance of having accurate lists to avoid unwanted side effects and interactions.

PSP in Clerkship

In the third year of medical school, the students will begin their clerkship rotations. This is when they will be rotating to different specialties of medicine (internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, etc.) and will be working at the hospital. During this year, the students will have a number of options to choose from for their task to complete with their patient partner. The students will choose one of the following options:

PSP in Post-Clerkship

This is the fourth and final year of medical school. Since students will be graduating in the Spring and saying goodbye to their PSP patient, their task in this semester is to prepare a summary report of their patient’s conditions and status of care. It is our hope that most patients enrolled in the program will decide to continue with PSP once their student graduates. For PSP patients that decide to stay, their 4th year student will introduce them to a 1st year student in late September. The 4th year student will share their summary report of their patient with the 1st year student and will also mentor them on the relationship with their patient.

For the students to show their gratitude to their patients they have partnered with over their time in medical school, the PSP program will host a celebration for all of the PSP in Post-Clerkship students and their patients. This celebration will be an open house at the School of Medicine and will take place on March 29th 2022 from 5-7pm.