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The MRI-guided radiation therapy system, MRIdian, combines the superior visualization of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and a linear accelerator into one innovative device that can deliver high-dose radiation with greater precision. This unique technology allows the physician to have greater control over the delivery of radiation to the treatment site.

UVA Cancer Center is among the first 25 centers nationwide to install a MRIdian® MR-linac machine. As Virginia’s only NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center, we’ve got the expertise to bring this breakthrough treatment to you.

What are some of the advantages of Radiation Therapy with MR-Linac?

The MR-Linac treatment system offers high-definition image quality through the MRI-based imaging. It combines two key features into one innovative device. The MRI can better target the tumor while the linear accelerator delivers the high-dose radiation to kill cancer cells. This technology allows cancer experts to see the tumor in real-time during therapy and avoid harming healthy tissue.

What are the side effects of treatment with MR Linac?

The MRI provides a more detailed image of the tumor which can help experts tell the tumor apart from health tissue. This means fewer side effects from the treatment. The real-time imaging of


The MRI Linac Care Team

the tumor allows the care team to adapt and tailor the therapy treatment. The MRIdian offers high dose treatment which greatly reduces the number of treatment sessions.

What to expect during treatment

The MR-Linac treatment system is non-invasive and most patients are able to return to a normal routine after treatment. You will need to lie still in the MRI cylinder during treatment. You can wear headphones/earplugs to block out the noise from the MRI machine. The treatment is painless and lasts about 10 minutes, though if adaption is required treatment may take longer. During treatment, you may have the option to watch a video screen of your tumor in the target zone. Simple changes to the pace of your breathing can help hit the target zone. The care team will be with you throughout the treatment and direct you as needed.

What are the steps to receive Radiation Therapy with MR-Linac?

The first step is to have a consultation with one of our radiation oncologists who specialize in treating your cancer type. At your appointment, the doctor will determine if you are a candidate for the MR-Linac treatment based on your cancer type. If you are a candidate, your care team will begin the treatment planning process to map out your radiation therapy treatment.


Katie Couric and the MRI Linac Care Team

Is the MR-Linac technology safe?

The MR-Linac is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). UVA is committed to providing a safe and effective treatment with the MR Linac system. Advancing cancer care happens best through clinical trials. UVA Cancer Center plans to test MR-Linac’s effectiveness in treating cancers like rectal, pancreatic and prostate.



Overview of MR-Linac Radiation Treatment
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