2019 Radiology Research Week Winners

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The 2019 Radiology Research Week was held from November 11-15 and featured 20 abstracts as well as a presentation by Dr. Etta Pisano, Chief Research Officer for the ACR. The list of winners is below; many thanks to all who participated!

Best Educational Presentation

Jon Chahin for J Chahin, C Rochman
How to “Enhance” Your Cancer Workup: The Emerging Role of Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM) in the Staging of Breast Cancer

Best Clinical Presentation

Dylan Suttle for D Suttle, J Hirsh, N Keefe, J Patrie, D Sheeran, J Angle
Minimizing the Pain of Local Anesthesia in Interventional Radiology with an Anesthetic Portal Technique

Best Basic Science Presentation

Jie Li for J Li, K Minczuk, J Massey, R Roy, S Paul, J Patrie, R Carey, H Taegtmeyer, S Keller, B Kundu
Metformin improves cardiac metabolism and function, and prevents left ventrical hypertrophy in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Best QA Presentation

Jon Chahin for S Hang, J Chahin, AJ Pesch, K Hagspiel
Dual-Energy CTA for GI Bleeding: Reducing Patient Radiation Dose and Table Time

Best Overall Presentation

Josh Knight for J Knight, A Petraglia, R Khot
How to evaluate for clinically significant portal venous stenosis post liver transplantation



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