2021 Radiology Research Week Winners

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The 2021 Radiology Research Week was held on January 25-29, 2021. The goal of Research Week, which was all-virtual this year, is to improve the visibility of the many different ongoing research projects within the department. Presentations were given by department trainees (undergraduate students, medical students, graduate students, residents, fellows) and Assistant Professors. Below are the winners of the 2021 Research Week – congratulations to all who participated!

Best Overall

Presented by: Marta Freire
Title: Performance Evaluation of an Edgeless PET Insert for Small Animal Imaging
Co-Authors: Andrea Gonzalez-Montoro, Gabriel Cañizares, Ahmad Rezaeu, Stuart Berr, Johan Nuyts and Antonio J. Gonzalez

Best Basic Research

Presented by: Junyu Wang
Title: DEep learning-based rapid Spiral Image REconstruction for high-resolution spiral first-pass myocardial perfusion imaging with whole-heart coverage
Co-Authors: Daniel S. Weller, Patricia Rodriguez Lozano, Michael Salerno

Best Clinical Research

Presented by: Mu He
Title: Probing early-stage pulmonary pathophysiology in young healthy E-cigarettes users using Hyperpolarized Xenon-129 MRI
Co-Authors: K. Qing, N. Tustison, L. A. Myc, J. MacLeod, R. Nunoo-Asare, J. Cassani, M. Marie, Z. Zhang, A. Ropp, G. W. Miller, T. A. Altes, J.Mata, J. Mugler, Y. M. Shim

Best QA

Presented by: Eunice Yim
Title: Improving Turnaround Time for Breast Biopsy Radiology-Pathology Concordance Review and Documentation: Our Success Story
Co-Authors: Matthew Caley, Jonathan Nguyen, James Patrie, Emily Herndon, Carrie Rochman, Ramapriya Ganti



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