Jason Druzgal, MD, PhD


Jason Druzgal, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Radiology

MD, University of Pennsylvania, 2003
Internship, Transitional Year, Resurrection Medical Center, 2004
Residency, Diagnostic Radiology, University of Utah, 2008
Fellowship, Neuroradiology, University of Utah, 2010

University of Virginia Hospital Medical Center
Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging
Division of Neuroradiology
Box 800170
Charlottesville, VA 22908

(434) 982-1736

Research Interests

Functional neuroimaging of human cognition, with past emphasis on working memory and decision-making in normal human subjects. My current primary line of research uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to evaluate the theory of mind mechanism in both normal and autistic patients, with the hope of better understanding whether deficiencies in the theory of mind mechanism underlie the autism spectrum of disease. A secondary line of research focuses on evaluation of resting state abnormalities in autistic patients as compared with a control population, utilizing novel fMRI techniques for evaluating temporal synchrony. And a third line of research under development will investigate the diagnostic potential of resting state fMRI in autism, utilizing machine-learning algorithms. My programs of research utilize techniques that generalize to many types of cognitive pathology, but my current work with autism originates from ready access to patient populations within the Utah Autism Research Program.

Druzgal Lab: UVA Functional Neuroradiology Lab

Research Lab

Traumatic Brain Injury


UVA Functional Neuroradiology Lab


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