Radiology Research Internship: Biomedical Engineer Comes to UVA

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Welcome to The U.S.A.

Alice Ganeau is at the end of her second year of an engineering program in Grenoble, France, specializing in Biomedical engineering. Her program required her to complete a 10-week internship abroad.

“I would like to work in the medical imaging field,” said Ganeau. “So I searched for a laboratory that specialized in this domain. I chose the U.S. because I have never been here before and really wanted to improve my English skills.”

From May 30 – August 4th, Ganeau completed an exciting internship with UVA Radiology and Medical Imaging Research.

Getting to Work


Throughout the internship, Ganeau observed helium studies, a catheter study, and an MR-guided focused ultrasound study. As the icing on the cake, she was able to lead a study on a program a previous student wrote on Matlab. The purpose was to analyze the data coming from the 3D Single Breath-Chemical Shift Imaging of the lungs and then to build several maps of the lungs.

“With the maps, we can detect the ventilation defects and the gas exchange defects between the lung tissues, red blood cells, and the airways,” said Ganeau.

The next step for Ganeau is to return to school in September, complete six months of classes and a six-month internship, which she hopes to obtain somewhere in Europe.

After that? She’s not completely sure. Perhaps continue her studies with a PhD or maybe find a job. Either way, she wants to stay as close as possible to the medical field.

American Culture

This was Ganeau’s first time in the States. She said, “I found that Charlottesville was really far away from the clichés about the U.S. I was very happy to discover the real U.S. The American people are very friendly, and they helped me discover their culture.” She was able to visit Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York during her stay.

“I am very glad of my trip in the U.S., and I hope I can return there,” Ganeau stated.



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