At Retirement Party, Dr. de Lange Announces Creation of New Diversity Fund

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~Retiring with a Bang~

Dr. Eduard E. de Lange is preparing to retire after 35 years on faculty here at UVA. Last night, he shared many stories about his life and career from the early days to the present. It was a joyful evening of celebration.

One of the most exciting aspects was the announcement of what will surely be one Dr. de Langes greatest legacies: the new UVA Radiology Residency Diversity and Inclusion Fund.

Program Overview

This opportunity exists because of the generosity of Dr. de Lange and his wife, Francesca. Their vision to support and promote efforts toward diversity and inclusion have made this leadership program a reality.

Here in UVA Radiology, we believe strongly in the power and strength of knowledge and care that can only be found in diversity. All are welcome at UVA, regardless of background. The de Langes are working to help that become a foundation on which our department can stand for many years to come.

The program is structured to fund and support one Diversity Representative per year in the Residency Program.

Read more about the fund and how to apply on our de Lange Diversity and Inclusion page.


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  1. The fund announcement looks promising.

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