CT Scanner on Rails in New IR Angiography Operating Suites

January 29, 2020 by bs9ey@virginia.edu   |   Leave a Comment

On January 20, 2020, Interventional Radiology moved into a new suite of procedure rooms on the second floor of UVA Health’s South Tower. One feature of the new space is a pair of angiography operating rooms that share a single CT scanner on rails – something which is entirely unprecedented in the United States.

When not in use, the CT scanner sits inside a pair of metal doors in between the two rooms. When needed in one room for a procedure, the metal doors to one room open, the scanner moves into the room, and the metal doors close behind the scanner, completely sealing the room. Besides providing CT guidance to patients during procedures, which leads to better and more accurate treatment, the shared scanner is also more cost effective for the IR division and increases the number of spaces that have access to real-time CT scans.

Click here to read more about UVA’s new intraoperative CT on Physician Resource. And watch a video of the CT scanner moving into one of the operating suites below:



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