Dr. Carrie Rochman Spreads Word About COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effect and Mammograms

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Dr. Carrie Rochman, Associate Professor of Breast Imaging at UVA, recently appeared on television stations WSET ABC-13 (Lynchburg) and NBC-19 (Charlottesville) to talk about a common side effect of COVID-19 vaccines that could skew mammogram results.

The COVID-19 vaccine, like other vaccines, can cause enlarged lymph nodes under the arm where the shot was received. Though this is a safe and common side effect of the vaccine, enlarged lymph nodes can also be a sign of breast cancer on a mammogram.

For that reason, Dr. Rochman recommends women either have their yearly mammogram before receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, or wait until 4-6 weeks after their second shot. As always, early detection of breast cancer is key, so Dr. Rochman urges all women to schedule their mammograms carefully and not delay them or wait until another year.

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