Reflections From Our 2022 Graduating Radiology Residents

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To celebrate and honor our residents graduating in 2022, we asked each of them to share some reflections on their time at UVA as well as their plans for next year. Each resident has also shared a special photo of themselves alongside their families and loved ones.

Though many of our graduating residents will be returning to UVA Radiology next year for fellowships, some will be off to new places. No matter where our graduating residents will be, we wish them every success and happiness. Congratulations to you all!


UVA Radiology resident Dr. Chaudhry and her husband in Banff, Canada

Dr. Chaudhry and her husband in Banff, Canada

Ramona Chaudhry (DR)

Plans for Next Year

I will be continuing at UVA with a breast imaging fellowship.

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

I have really enjoyed my time during my residency at UVA. I’ve grown so much as a physician and have developed a great foundation of knowledge as a radiologist. I’m grateful to all the attendings for their guidance along the way and to my colleagues for their friendship. I’ve made some amazing friends and accomplished so much in the last four years! I can’t wait for what the future holds.



UVA Radiology resident Dr. Anson Chen with his girlfriend, Oom, and dog Chestnu

Dr. Anson Chen with his girlfriend, Oom, and dog Chestnut

Anson Chen (DR)

Plans for Next Year

I will be completing my breast fellowship here at UVA.

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

I loved doing my residency here at UVA. Everyone was so supportive, including both faculty and co-residents. Everyone is happy to help each other out in times of need, including call, or someone stepping up if one of us had emergencies. My co-residents also made memorization PowerPoints and shared them with the rest of the class during board studying. It has just been a warm and friendly place to learn and grow, and I am sad to part ways.


UVA Radiology resident Dr. Nick Dueck and family

Dr. Nick Dueck and family

Nick Dueck (DR)

Plans for Next Year

Next year I am very much looking forward to completing a neuroradiology fellowship here at UVA.  Following that I will be moving out to the one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country – good ol’ Boise, Idaho – for a job with Gem State Radiology.

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

I feel very grateful for the opportunity I have had to train at UVA, where we see such a great variety of cases, work with professional and collegial faculty, and enjoy such a supportive atmosphere among the residents. If I had to choose residency over again I would definitely choose UVA.  I have never felt such support and mentorship during any level of my training as I have here.



Dr. David Dwyer and his wife, Alexa, on their wedding day (with their pug Scooby)

David Dwyer (DR)

Plans for Next Year

I’ll be completing an interventional radiology fellowship here at UVA.

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

UVA and Charlottesville have been a big part my life, as I’ve been here for undergrad, residency, and next year, fellowship! I have learned and grown a lot and wanted to thank the teachers, mentors, and friends who have helped me along the way.




UVA Radiology IR resident Dr. Sukhdeep Grewal

Dr. Sukhdeep Grewal and her boyfriend, Jacob

Sukhdeep Grewal (IR)

Plans for Next Year

Next year I will be continuing interventional radiology training here at UVA.

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

UVA has taught me many important skills that I know will stay with me throughout my career. I feel grateful to have connected with incredible mentors and for my many friendships made at UVA. I am similarly thankful for everything I’ve learned from our nurses, students, techs and patients. The many opportunities here make working at UVA a privilege.




Dr. Nicole Kapral and family

Nicole Kapral (DR)

Plans for Next Year

I will be completing an MSK fellowship here at UVA.

Reflection on Your Time at UVA

My husband and I have loved Charlottesville and UVA since we first moved here for my medical school and his law/MBA program.

I think we had great training and exposure to a wide variety of cases and pathology.  The faculty have not only been amazing teachers, but several of them have become close friends and mentors over the years. As many can attest, I had an especially difficult time settling on a subspecialty and had extended conversations with numerous attendings who all gave me helpful academic and personal advice.  I’ve also had the pleasure of spending so many years with my co-residents, some of whom have become close friends.  Several of us have had multiple children during residency and they have been able to grow up together.  A shout out to Nick Dueck and his family who have recently gotten into pickleball with us and try to play weekly when call schedules allow.



UVA Radiology IR resident Dhara Kinariwala, MD, poses with a UVA therapy dog

Dr. Dhara Kinariwala and a UVA Health therapy dog

Dhara Kinariwala (IR)

Plans for Next Year

I will be pursuing an interventional radiology fellowship here at UVA, followed by a pediatric IR fellowship at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in 2 years.

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

I am fortunate to have developed many lasting relationships during my time at UVA and have found wonderful mentors. My training at UVA has been excellent and I’m very grateful for the experience. Best of luck to the incoming class – you can do it!



Dr. John Matson and family

John Matson (IR)

Plans for Next Year

I am honored to be staying on at UVA as a faculty member in Interventional Radiology next year.

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

I have been here a long time and have had the privilege of watching the department and many of its residents grow, evolve and adapt over the past few years. And I would stress appreciation for the culture we have all created as well as the collegiality amongst the amazing faculty and incredible residents we have the opportunity to work and learn alongside.


Dr. Sara McCann and family

Sara McCann (IR)

Plans for Next Year

I’ll be joining one of our UVA IR alumni, Dan Gans, at Central Illinois Radiological Associates (CIRA) in Peoria, Illinois, which is a practice affiliated with the University of Illinois College of Medicine.

Reflection on Your Time at UVA

UVA has been an amazing place to learn and grow over the past six years. I am thankful to have the invaluable guidance of so many great mentors and for the endless learning I have gained from the faculty, techs, nurses and our patients. I know the foundation I have built while in residency at UVA will serve me well as I continue to learn and grow in the next stage of my career!





Dr. Ray Norby and family

Ray Norby (IR)

Plans for Next Year

I will be starting as an Interventional Radiologist at Charlotte Radiology in North Carolina this summer, where I will be joining a few UVA IR alumni.

Reflection on Your Time at UVA

I’ve really enjoyed my time here at UVA, from four years of medical school through six years of residency. It hasn’t been easy, but I feel confident that I’ve received world class training here and am ready for what the future has in store.

The mentorship and teaching from our faculty here has been outstanding, for both diagnostic and interventional. Our support staff here are also excellent, and help keep our department running smoothly. I’ve made lifelong friendships here, and Charlottesville has truly become a home over the 10 years I’ve been here. It’s bittersweet leaving, but my family and I are excited about this next chapter in our lives. Good luck to all my classmates – I can’t wait to see how everyone does in this next stage of their lives and careers!


Dr. Andrew Renaldo and his nephew, Reid, and dog Kerley

Andrew Renaldo (DR)

Plans for Next Year

I am staying at UVA for a breast imaging fellowship.

Reflection on Your Time at UVA

In my time at UVA, I’ve learned many critical interpretative skills that I hope will remain with me during my career in radiology. But what I will remember most fondly are things less directly applicable to my future job: the coffee runs with friends, the tangents during sign outs, and the communal acknowledgement that “getting some steps in” is commendable. In a field where looking ahead—at the ever-replenishing worklists, and endless information to learn—is daunting, these things were an injection of joy that kept me in the moment. These things made coming to work each day a privilege, and are a reflection of the familial environment that led me to UVA.





Dr. Matthew Schmidt and family at Dolly Sods, West Virginia

Matthew Schmidt (DR)

Plans for Next Year

I’m going to stay here for MSK fellowship next year.

Reflection on Your Time at UVA

I’ve gotten excellent training at UVA and am thankful for the great attendings and co-residents I’ve worked with.






Dr. Rishabh Singh and his whippet Vayu

Rishabh Singh (DR)

Plans for Next Year

I will be doing a breast imaging fellowship and will officially be an Instructor in Clinical Radiology and Radiological Sciences at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Reflection on Your Time at UVA

I will remember and appreciate UVA Radiology as a place I was proud to train at because I received truly world-class training by world-class radiologists. I had excellent role models who were both superb people and superb radiologists. Consequently, I grew as a person, a professional and as a radiologist. It has been one of my life’s biggest honors and pleasures to train at UVA. I will always carry this place and these people in my heart.




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  1. Mary Smith says:

    What a wonderful ‘read’ to allow us a sneak peak into their upcoming adventures. Has been joy to work with the IR Fellows and no matter where they go, the incoming team will be blessed.

  2. Juan Miguel Olazagasti says:

    It was truly enjoyable to read this group’s perspectives on our program, their future steps and goals and the overall deep appreciation for the training we have shared. I have always felt our work here is a family affair and I receive the most pride and joy from our learners: the residents and medical students alike!

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