UVA Radiology 2023 Graduation Honors DR Residents, Award Winners

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The graduating 2023 Diagnostic Radiology residents. Back row (left to right): Drs. Clay Behl, Neal Desai, Neil Shah, Rob Sukumar, Erik Eklund. Front row (left to right): Drs. Carolyn Scott, Peter Duden, Meghan Clark, Alex Banathy, Xavier Mohammed. For more graduation pictures, click here.

June 17 was a festive day as UVA Radiology celebrated its 2023 Diagnostic Radiology Residency graduates. Faculty, staff, co-residents, family members, and friends convened at the Boar’s Head Inn to honor the doctors as they embark upon the next stages of their careers.

The ten graduates and their plans for next year are:

  • Dr. Peter Duden – Breast Imaging Fellowship at UVA
  • Dr. Rob Sukumar – Neuroradiology Fellowship at UVA
  • Dr. Meghan Clark – Completing Interventional Radiology at UVA
  • Dr. Neal Desai – Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellowship at Johns Hopkins
  • Dr. Neil Shah – Neuroradiology Fellowship at Emory
  • Dr. Erik Eklund – Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellowship at UVA
  • Dr. Clay Behl – Completing Interventional Radiology at Mt. Sinai, NYC
  • Dr. Alex Banathy – Completing Interventional Radiology at UVA
  • Dr. Carolyn Scott – Breast Imaging Fellowship at UVA
  • Dr. Xavier Mohammad – Completing Interventional Radiology at UVA

(You can read more about the ten graduates in their reflections.)

2023 Awards

Dr. Meghan Clark (left) and Dr. Neal Desai (right) were acknowledged for their roles as chief residents. Also pictured are Associate DR Program Director Dr. Joseph Donahue (middle left) and DR Program Director Dr. Juliana Bueno (middle right).

During the event, the department also recognized its 2023 award recipients. They include:

  • Chief Resident Acknowledgements: Dr. Neal Desai (Diagnostic Radiology) and Dr. Meghan Clark (Interventional Radiology)
  • Research Resident of the Year: Dr. Alex Banathy
  • Teaching Resident of the Year: Dr. Meghan Clark
  • Spencer B. Gay, MD, Service Award: Dr. Neal Desai
  • Diversity and Inclusion Award: Dr. Peter Duden
  • Paul M Dee, MD, Teacher of the Year Award: Dr. Kirkland Davis
  • Charles J. Tegtmeyer, MD, Clinical Service Award: Dr. John Matson
  • Outstanding Fellow Award: Dr. Nick Dueck

Congratulations to all!

For more photos from the celebration and reception, click here.

Graduating residents pose with members of the Department of Radiology faculty.


Dr. Bueno and Dr. Matsumoto speak at the podium, with Dr. Donahue standing behind.

From left to right: Associate DR Program Director Dr. Joseph Donahue, DR Program Director Dr. Juliana Bueno, and Department Chair Dr. Alan Matsumoto.

Family, friends, peers, faculty, and others came to celebrate the graduating residents.

Graduation attendees mill around and talk after the ceremony.

A cocktail reception was held as part of the graduation ceremony.





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