How UVA Radiology’s Virtual Cockpit Expands Care

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Cody Desper, Lead Computed Tomography (CT) Technologist, is one of the technologists providing real-time assistance for up to three different scans from the Virtual Cockpit.

In June, UVA Medical Center CEO Wendy Horton highlighted the department’s new CT/MRI Virtual Cockpit. The cockpit was deployed earlier that month, and it allows a single technologist to provide real-time assistance with multiple complex cases at once, even across different locations.

“In an era where healthcare staffing shortages are a national concern,” wrote Horton in a blog post, “enabling trained technologists to perform scans on multiple patients simultaneously from one hub effectively maximizes critical resources.”

Cody Desper and James Carnes, Administrator of Radiology and Medical Imaging Service Line

During Horton’s visit, she and Chief Administrative Officer Abdi Somo met with Lead CT Technologist Cody Desper and Administrator of Radiology & Medical Imaging Service Line James Carnes.

Horton acknowledged that the Virtual Cockpit’s implementation was a huge team effort. She also emphasized that the still-nascent project holds exciting implications for the efficiency and impact of the UVA Radiology & Medical Imaging Department.

“I want to give a huge shout-out to our Radiology and Medical Imaging Department, and everyone involved in this exciting project,” wrote Horton. “As UVA Health trains more team members on the syngo Virtual Cockpit for CT and other service areas like MRI, we are incredibly excited to witness the variety of ways this technology will improve our services while providing staffing solutions.”

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UVA Health's Cody Desper shows the Department of Radiology & Medical Imaging's Virtual Cockpit to Wendy Horton and Abdi Somo.

Cody Desper, Lead Computed Tomography (CT) Technologist, shows Wendy Horton and Abdi Somo, Chief Administrative Officer, the Virtual Cockpit in action.



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