Sheynkman Lab

Laboratory of Proteoform Systems Biology

At the Sheynkman Lab, we study disease-relevant protein forms, or “proteoforms”, by integrating cutting-edge analytical and computational approaches from genomics, proteomics, and systems biology. This precision medicine approach is applied in a disease agnostic manner to elucidate proteoform-driven rewiring events in cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, and cancer.

Proteform Systems Biology


Double Helix DNA

Research Goals

How human proteomic variation underlies phenotypic variation

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Long Read Transcriptomics Technologies
"Precision" Proteogenomics to characterize protein isoforms
Functional proteomics- Screening for driver proteoforms

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Disease application areas

Cancer - Melanoma
Vascular biology - endothelial cell development

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Madison Mehlferber’s Stem Cell Review Accepted!

Madison's stem cell review titled "Transcription factors and splice factors as interconnected regulators of stem cell fate" got accepted to Current Stem Cell Reports.

Sheynkman lab presents at Gordon Research Conference

Dr. Sheynkman and graduate student Jamie Saquing attended the GRC Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation conference in Newry, Maine from July 10-15, 2022. Jamie gave a poster presentation of her work on…

Dr. Gloria Sheynkman receives young researcher award at ASMS 2022

Dr. Sheynkman was awarded one of three research awards at the June 2022 American Society for Mass Spectrometry conference in Minneapolis, MN. These awards are given annually to young researchers…

Session on long-read sequencing in disease research accepted for the 2022 ASHG annual meeting!

Aberrant splicing underlies many human diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and neurological disorders. The mapping of splicing quantitative trait loci (sQTL) has shown that genetic regulation of alternative splicing is…

Jamie Saquing accepted into the UVA BIMS program – congratulations Jamie!

Congratulations to Jamie Saquing who has just been accepted into the UVA BIMS program! Jamie is interested in computational and systems biology. Her project involves the development of a novel…

Lab Location

Pinn Hall - Rm. 3043D, 1340 Jefferson Park Avenue, Charlottesville, VA 22908