Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequent applicant questions . . .

Q: What are the expectations of interns chosen to participate in the program?

A: If admitted, interns must commit full effort, 40 hours per week for ten weeks, to conducting their research project. Interns attend all scheduled lectures and events. Interns submit a one-page abstract and give an oral presentation at SRIP’s final symposia. Interns must abide by UVA’s Honor Code.


Q: Is Health Insurance required to participate in the program?

A: Yes, all participants in laboratory research must have health insurance.  If admitted, you will need to provide proof of insurance before you can join your lab.


Q: I am planning to apply, but have not completed the on-line application yet.   Where do I send supporting materials like transcripts and letters of recommendation?

A:  You must first complete the on-line application before submitting any supporting materials.   If materials cannot be paired with a submitted application, they will be destroyed to protect confidentiality.   We treat all materials as highly confidential, and therefore we cannot maintain possession of any information which is not clearly needed to complete the duties of SRIP admissions.  Once you complete an application, you will be directed to a page with instructions for completing supporting materials.


Q: Do I really need to send transcripts from every school I have attended, or can I send just the most recent?

A: If the following is true, you may send only the most recent transcript:  ALL the information from ALL prior schools attended is represented on the transcript from my current school.


Q: I am an international student studying in the United States or at a university in my home country.  Am I eligible to apply for your program?

A: Our funding sources require that our interns be a U.S. citizen or hold a permanent resident visa. We accept all applications but because of the residency requirements of these funding sources, our ability to admit international students tends to be very low.


Q: Where do my recommenders send their letters?

A: After you complete the on-line application, you will be directed to a page with instructions and easy to fill in forms for recommenders.  Recommenders are not required to use the forms, but most find them convenient.  Full contact information and instructions are on the forms.


Q: My recommender is having trouble filling in the PDF form.  It appears blank if he/she prints or save it.

A: Adobe forms have not been fillable in the past with Adobe Reader.  If your recommender does not have Adobe Acrobat or another PDF editor like Foxit installed, they may not be able to save their text.  In this case, they can complete a review on their own letterhead and use the PDF form as a guide.  Or, they can use the Microsoft Word form.


Q: Will someone notify me when my application is complete, or when individual letters of recommendation and transcripts are received?

A: We will send out periodic emails to update applicants about their application status.   We will do this to make sure you have plenty of time to provide any missing support materials before the final application deadline.  Due to the large number of applications we receive, we will no longer be able to respond to individual queries for status updates.


Q: When will those who have been admitted to the program be notified?

A: UVA uses a rolling admissions process in which completed applications are reviewed and admissions decisions are made at regular intervals during the admissions cycle. Generally, admissions offers are made within 10 weeks from the time your application is complete.


Q: I have an offer from another program, but I’d rather attend UVA and I have not heard your decision.  What should I do?

A: Please let us know that you have received another offer.  If it is possible, we will expedite the review of your application and give you a decision.


Q: I have an offer from another program and I am accepting.  What should I do?

A: Please let us know that your application should be withdrawn from consideration for SRIP.   This will avoid your needing to complete an offer response form from us, and help us fill our class more efficiently.  Also, please accept our heartiest congratulations.


Q: I have graduated from college recently.  Am I still eligible to apply?

A: Recent degree recipients are eligible.  If you are in a Post-baccalaureate program, or starting on a masters level degree in order to transition to a PhD program, your application would need to make it very clear as to how you would benefit from any additional research training that SRIP could offer you.


Q: I am a first-year college student, or I have only recently become interested in research and have little to no research experience.  Am I still eligible to apply?

A: Yes.  To be competitive, you will need excellent recommendations and very strong written statements on your application.   We have recently had highly-qualified first-years, as well as non-science majors transitioning to science and pre-medical students moving toward research, participate in SRIP and execute very successful summer research projects.


Q: Is there a minimum GPA I must have in order to apply to the program?

A: No.  We look at the entire application and do not disqualify applicants based on a single feature.


Q: I listed a group of recommenders on my application, but one or more of those recommenders named will not be providing a recommendation for me and will need to be replaced.   What do I need to do to make sure that my letters are processed properly?

A: Don’t worry about sending us your updated recommender list.  When we receive a letter from someone not on your original list, we will add their name to our database.  However, if we are unsure to which applicant a specific letter refers we will set it aside.  Please make sure unlisted referrers identify you with specifics such as your major and current institution.