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CriminalPoisoningCOVERCriminal Poisoning: Clinical and Forensic Perspectives

The lack of a correct clinical perspective could lead investigative teams down a wrong path when trying to convict a criminal who has poisoned. Criminal Poisoning contains information for law enforcement, attorneys and medical providers to use when investigating cases of suspected criminal poisonings. With a forward from The Lord Alderdice, FRCPsych, consultant psychiatrist and member of the House of Lords in London, UK and former United States Attorney General Edwin Meese III, the book was written with a high level of international expertise.

CrisisGuidetoPsychotropicCOVERCrisis Guide to Psychotropic Drugs and Poisons

is a quick, concise guide to drugs that are commonly involved in crimes. Designed for the law enforcement or consultant health pro on the scene of a developing crime scene, this easy to carry pocket guide is a must-have reference.


Toxicology Recalltoxrecall

A complete, concise review of clinical toxicology written primarily for third and fourth year medical students. The book is written in the rapid-fire question-and-answer format of the Recall Series, with the question appearing on the left side of the page and the answer appearing on the right. Major sections cover evaluation of the poisoned patient, medications, drugs of abuse, environmental and industrial toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, chemical agents of terrorism, natural toxins, therapies, and visual diagnosis in medical toxicology.

VisualDiagnosisVisual Diagnosis in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

Containing high quality images, this book presents the common visual diagnoses that are either pathognomonic or suggestive of specific illnesses. Organized randomly as a patient would present their ‘chief complaint’ rather than neatly into topics, this book is an invaluable aid for all health care personnel who manage patients in acute care settings. This book is also ideal for national examination review.