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For information on UVa’s Urology residency programs please visit our Residency Program.

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The University of Virginia Health System has long been recognized for its extensive efforts in research, education and clinical care; efforts that extend to the Department of Urology.  Whether it’s inpatient or outpatient services, UVa offers innovative care for a wide variety of urological disorders using the latest methods and technology provided by some of the country’s foremost doctors known worldwide for their specialty care.


ACS-Funded Study of Novel Urology-Telemedicine Model: A Research Scholar Grant from the American Cancer Society led by PI Dr. Tracey Krupski (Department of Urology). The multidisciplinary team includes other Co-Investigators from Urology, the School of Nursing, and Telemedicine. The purpose of this study is to implement a telemedicine approach for delivering surveillance cystoscopy for bladder cancer patients in rural Virginia. The novel tele-cystoscopy model aims to improve compliance rates with surveillance guidelines and detect cancer recurrence earlier. The project is titled “Tele-cystoscopy: Widening Access to Bladder Cancer Surveillance”.