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Each year hundreds of patients come to UVA’s Department of Urology looking for help in an emergency or hope for better quality of life. Patients who receive exceptional care often wonder if there’s a meaningful way to express their gratitude. For alumni of the program, many want to ensure the future success of the department that prepared them for their careers. Private philanthropic support is critical to advancing innovation in patient care, research and education.

Your contribution, no matter its size, can be used where the need is greatest, or you can designate an area that is especially meaningful to you. Grateful patients, and other donors, support our efforts by making outright gifts to programs, establishing scholarship, and research funds, or funding memorial gifts to honor a loved one or caregiver. In fact, there is no area of UVA Health that hasn’t been touched by private support. While you can see the physical impact of giving in big things, private support also touches our patients in sometimes invisible, nonetheless indelible ways.

Our partners at the Health Foundation can help individuals find meaningful ways to support areas of interest across the health system. There are numerous ways that individuals can make an impact with their giving – endowment gifts are long-term investments aimed at securing the success of the Health System for years to come while expendable gifts can provide immediate support for programs and initiatives.

To learn more about how ways you can personally support the department, please contact Courtney Harris, Associate Director of Development, at the UVA Health Foundation.

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Pioneering Research:

Within the Department of Urology, there are several research funds that support our physician-scientists as they perform groundbreaking research, provide the highest quality patient care, and educate tomorrow’s leaders in urologic care. Your support can:

  • Speed groundbreaking discoveries to prevent and treat challenging urologic diseases
  • Quickly move discoveries out of the lab and into the clinic
  • Put more scientists to work on finding cures by establishing professorships to help recruit the most talented physicians and scientists
  • Give our investigators the resources and equipment they need to search for answers

Private philanthropy is what empowers us to pursue novel research ideas. It allows us to engage in experimental high-risk/high-reward studies that result in scientific breakthroughs, yield data needed for sustainable grant funding, and lead to the development of new treatments and eventually cures for the most devastating diseases of our time.

To support research initiatives within the department, please consider a gift to a research-related fund most meaningful to you.

Advancing Education:

Your gift to support education is an investment in the future of healthcare. Philanthropy is essential to maintaining excellence in our fellowship programs and our efforts to train the next generation of clinicians. By 2030, half of all Urologists in the United States will be eligible for retirement – training future Urologists now is more critical than ever to ensure that patients continue to have access to the highest quality urologic care in Virginia. To meet this growing need for more newly trained urologists, the department is expanding the resident training program to include three residents (per year), beginning in 2024.

In the face of rising tuition and fees, scholarships help UVA offer enrollment to qualified students regardless of their financial means. Equally important are graduate fellowships, which help us compete for the best students. A scholarship or fellowship may be endowed and named by a donor who is interested in funding ongoing support for students.

Additionally, donors may choose to endow a professorship that would enhance the scholarly pursuits of the Department of Urology. By providing salary support, endowed professorships allow UVA to attract gifted teachers and to retain those already on faculty.

To support programs that are educating students to be future health care leaders, please consider designating your gift to a resident education fund that is most important to you.

Transforming Patient Care:

Emerging Technologies Fund

Philanthropic support helps UVA Health and the Department of Urology keep patients at the center of care – giving us the power to design and deliver personalized treatments in settings that promote health and peace. We will improve outcomes, diagnose disease earlier, and offer the supportive care our patients need in their own communities, where hope and healing thrive.

Everything we do revolves around improving health and well-being for our patients, their families and our communities. A gift to support patient care and support programs would be an investment in accelerating access to care within all of UVA Health. Your support can:

  • Help acquire cutting edge technology such as new lasers, ultrasounds, focal therapy, and other diagnostic tools that would not otherwise not be available for many years
  • Focus on new care pathways for recovery or regeneration
  • Create novel programs to help patients through their healing at UVA Health with dedicated providers, novel drugs, tools, or supplements

Honoring Your Care Team

Physicians, nurses and health professionals across UVA Health have a remarkable impact in our community by working to make life better for all patients both now and in the future. To recognize care that is above and beyond, some patients or family members choose to make a gift to support the department in honor of a care team.

These gifts can be designated to support a specific provider’s research work or to help support the department’s overall mission to provide quality medical care to all patients. More information about Urology faculty members, academic/research interest areas and division priorities can be found here.

If you are interested in making a gift in honor of your care team, please be sure to include the provider’s name in the “In Honor of” field when completing the online gift form.

To Learn More or Make a Gift:

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To make a gift to support the department of Urology, click on the below link and select the “Designation” (area of support) most meaningful to you.

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Your gift to UVA Health advances new models of patient care, lifesaving research, and innovative medical education for our residents and fellows. By supporting programs within the department of Urology, you play a vital role in developing a healthier future for future generations to come. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. Choose the method and area of giving that’s right for you.

To get involved or start a conversation regarding additional ways to support UVA Health and the department of Urology, please contact Courtney Harris, Associate Director of Development (Healthcare Philanthropy), at the UVA Health Foundation (434-964-6926 or charris@virgina.edu).

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To make a gift to support the department of Urology, click on the below link and select the “Designation” (area of support) most meaningful to you.

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