Treatment of Infertility


Treatments for male infertility may include lifestyle changes, medication, surgery, or assisted reproductive technologies. The treatment selected depends on what is causing the condition and is not always covered by insurance.

Lifestyle Changes

  • Avoidance of certain lubricants.
  • Decreasing stress.
  • Avoidance of excess heat (hot tubs, saunas).
  • Maintaining a healthy weight.
  • In some cases, the addition of certain antioxidants may be helpful.
  • Avoidance of tobacco, marijuana, and excess alcohol.


Medications may be used to restore normal hormone balance or assist with sperm production. These may include clomiphene citrate, anastrozole, human chorionic gonadotropin, or recombinant forms of follicle stimulating hormone.


Most surgeries are outpatient, minimally invasive, and recovery time is usually only a few days. A few of the more common procedures are outlined below: