Overview of Topics and Procedures

What Does Penile Reconstruction Include?

Penile reconstruction is fixing the penis to look normal and improve the flow of urine.  This includes urethroplasty (fixing the urine channel), penis skin grafting, penis straightening, scar repair, and treatments for a hidden penis.  At times, multiple procedures are undertaken together.  Penis enlargement does fall under this treatment but is not often needed.

Penis Skin Grafting

This procedure is improves prior scar tissue formation, prior trauma, previous tumor removal or poor lymphatic drainage (swelling) of the penis.

Penis Straightening

Penis curving or Peyronie’s disease can be a problem for sexual intercourse (sex).  This curve or bending of the penis can often be fixed with surgery.  Straightening may sometimes be necessary in combination with urethroplasty or after previous surgery on the penis.

Hidden Penis

Obese patients often note a shortening of the penis because surrounding fat build up.  Even with weight loss, this extra tissue may remain making the penis seem shorter or hidden.  In severe cases, this can lead to difficulty going to the bathroom as well.  To fix this problem, the extra tissue is removed and the skin moved around to return a normal look.  This is sometimes combined with liposuction.

Scar Revision

Many problems can cause scar tissue to form on the penis.  Surgery or injury to the penis may make the penis curve or not enlarge with an erection.  Repair of the scar tissue can often be utilized to create a more natural appearance and function.

Will Surgery Change My Erections, Sexual Ability?

This will be determined based on what is needed for the surgery.  It is best to ask this of your urologist prior to any surgery.