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  1. Ann Blackwell says:

    I am in great need for a Lifestyle Coach Training for May 2 and 3. I noticed the class is full, but if someone had to cancel I am interested in attending or if you could take one more. I am registered dietitian and I would like to get classes as soon as possible,

  2. says:

    Hello, we are over capacity for that training. We will have an August online training, then October in-person as next options. Also, I have sent you an email. Thanks.

  3. Connie Scott says:

    Regarding the August Online Lifestyle Coach training, I will be out of country for the first week (Aug 8th) however would like to take the training in August – are there options if one cannot attend one of the synchronous session?

  4. says:

    Hi Connie,
    We must have been in the process of changing our August online training dates, when you were on the site. We will actually be meeting twice the first week of August (Aug 5th & 8th), and once the next week (15th). So, that would be 2 synchronous sessions that you would miss. Unfortunately, that would be the majority of the core content and hands-on practice activities missed. Our next online training will be in February 2020. We do have several in-person trainings later this year, if it works for you to attend in Charlottesville. Thank you. Viola

  5. Gail says:

    Where does the training take place (what city) so that I know the distance I have to travel?

    1. says:

      Hi Gail, Our in-person trainings take place at our office in Charlottesville, VA. Thanks. Viola

  6. Denise Promes says:

    I am looking for a Master Trainer course. Do you offer this?

    1. says:

      Hello, no we do not offer Master Training. DTTAC at Emory University in GA, Group Lifestyle Balance at Univ. of Pittsburg, & AADE all offer Master Training. Also, I think there are a few more programs that you can find listed on the CDC website. Thanks. Viola

  7. Maria Sevilla says:

    I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist working with clients with weight issues dealing with diabetes. I came across your line training and was wondering if there would be any possibility to sign for your August training. Please advice.

    1. says:

      You are welcome to sign-up for the August training. However, please know that our Lifestyle Coach Training focuses on pre diabetes and the prevention of type 2 diabetes. Also, the diabetes prevention program is delivered in groups, not 1:1 sessions. Here is the link to the CDC website that will give you lots of information about the NDPP, It is a very specifically designed program and once you are a CDC recognized site you would have to submit data to CDC every 6 months. After viewing the website, if you have more questions please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you. Viola

  8. says:

    Hi Again Maria, So, I think I misunderstood your original message. You were writing to see if there was space in the August training? I am thinking you tried to register but got our session full message. I will contact you if someone drops the August training. Thanks. Viola

  9. Caitlin Torres says:

    I just registered online and received confirmation. I am trying to make a payment but there is no option for the November online course (it did however show availability on the registration page). Is someone able to assist with this? Thank you.

    1. says:

      Hello Caitlin,
      Thanks for the message. We are waiting on the finance department to add the dates to the payment system. Hopefully it will be done this week. We have your registration, so your spot is secure. I will send you a message when the payment site is accepting payments for November. Viola

  10. Clare Venus says:

    Will you accept registrations from individuals who are not affiliated with an organization? I am a Clinical Psychologist/CDE in private practice. I am interested in the October 3/4 in person program.

    1. says:

      Hello Clare, We do accept registration from individuals in private practice, as there is always the option that those individuals may partner with an organization to provide the NDPP. Thanks for the question. Viola

  11. Lisa says:

    How many CEU’s will one get for attending the online course? Thank you 🙂

    1. says:

      Hi Lisa,
      You will receive 12 training hours required by CDC to become an NDPP lifestyle coach. The 12 hours is equally divided, 6-hrs live online sessions and 6-hrs of homework. For CPEUs the course has been granted 6 CEUs by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND) for the live session time, and most professional organizations accept credits from AND. (The homework would have to be much more rigorous for CEU hours approval and the lifestyle change program is not meant to be that.) Thanks & let me know if you have more questions.

  12. Seeta M Noah says:

    Hello are continuing education credits provided for CHES professionals?.
    Thank you.

    1. says:

      For lifestyle coach training we provide CPEUs through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 12 CPEUS for the in-person training and 6 for the online training. Most healthcare organizations accept CPEUS that have been approved by the Academy, but I would suggest that you double check with them first to be sure. Thanks. Viola

  13. Kianga Tucker says:

    Does your training entity offer master training for the DPP?

    1. says:

      Hi Kianga,
      We currently do not offer Master Training. Thanks for inquiring. Viola

  14. Margaret Evans says:

    Are these the same materials offered for the online training?

    10. What materials will I receive at the training?

    You will receive (in 3 ring binders):

    Lifestyle Coach Facilitation Guide (from the Prevent T2 curriculum)
    DPP Program Participant Guide (from the Prevent T2 curriculum)
    Printed PowerPoint slides that are used for the training
    Additional Resources
    In addition, at the training you will receive information about the technical assistance opportunities that we offer.

    1. says:

      We do offer the same materials and information, minus the binder. Everything is in electronic format; we do not mail any hard copy materials. Thank you. Viola

  15. Helen says:

    Hello. How is the online course 6 hours when the minimum requirement is 12 hours? Thanks.

    1. says:

      Hi Helen,
      Our live online time together is 6 hours, and then there is 6 hours of homework and prep for the sessions. Thanks Viola

  16. RQ says:

    I’m very interested in the March DPP online training, but I have a schedule conflict for the first half hour of the two Tuesday sessions. Will that prohibit me from participating?

    1. says:

      The March training was filled last week. Would you be available for the dates in July and August? If so, please sign up for that training. If you aren’t, please reach out to us.

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