Pictures from the 2011 meeting

Dr. Jay Fox Dr. Greg Farber
Dr. Jay Fox, University of Virginia, on goals for VRRC Dr. Greg Farber, NCRR, speaking on support for research cores
Dr. Bill Wasilenko Dr. Stephen Knisley
Dr. Bill Wasilenko describing biomedical research capabilities at Eastern Virginia Medical School Dr. Stephen Knisley outlining the diverse research capabilities at Old Dominion University
Dr. Robert Settlage Dr. Jonathon Spindel
Dr. Robert Settlage, representing Virginia Bioinformatics Institute and Virginia Tech research Dr. Jonathon Spindel describing the role research at James Madison University whose main focus in on teaching
Dr. Steve Wasserman Dr. Paul Fawcett
Dr. Steve Wasserman, Office of Research at UVA, reporting suggestions from  a breakout session on how research institutions can use their facilities to assist other institutions with teaching Dr. Paul Fawcett, Virginia Commonwealth University, reporting from a breakout session on ways research institutions can unify their resources and efforts for Virginia.