Notice: Due to the recent changes taking effect at institutions nationally in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, UVA will honor any institutional policies regarding courses shifted to pass/fail. With the holistic admission review, candidates will be granted every possible consideration with special attention given to the 2020 Spring semester. Candidates are encouraged to connect with pre-health advisers to navigate their own institutional policies.

The University of Virginia School of Medicine, one of the first eight schools established within the University by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, offers our medical students an interactive, engaged learning experience centered around patient stories.  Mr. Jefferson believed that a free-flowing exchange of ideas was best accomplished when faculty and students lived and learned side by side. The “Academical Village” reflects this philosophy, and it continues to be one of the tenets of our approach to medical education.

In 2010, after nearly a decade of research, self-study and preparation, the more traditional curriculum was replaced by an integrated curriculum in recognition that students learn best around patient stories while engaged in active learning. The medical school building was built to support this curriculum, accepting the first class in the fall of 2010.

New Opportunities at INOVA (Video Transcript)

Beginning in February 2021, our students will be exposed to the practice of medicine in a high-volume, urban environment. This regional campus will provide opportunities for 72 students (36 per class) to complete their 3rd and 4th years in Northern Virginia.
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UVA Excellence (Video Transcript)

The University of Virginia School of Medicine is unique because not only is it academically challenging, but it also fosters a lot of kindness and compassion. The people are some of the most welcoming and kind that you'll ever meet, and Charlottesville is a fantastic place to learn how to become a doctor.
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COVID 19: Public Service Announcement from our Clerkship Students

A social distance cover of "Don't Start Now" by Dua Lipa.
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Application Process

Start here to learn about the steps for applying. The University of Virginia School of Medicine’s admissions process uses a holistic review in order to select a talented and diverse student body.