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UVA School of Medicine is a friendly, welcoming learning community where students learn not only the art and science of practicing medicine, but also develop personally. Students can find a wide range of activities to match their interests, including research opportunities, hands-on clinical experiences, and student organizations. And when it’s time to relax, the Charlottesville area offers numerous festivals and events, easy access to outdoor activities, great restaurants, and robust arts and crafts communities. Our students feel at home here.

Student Experiences

Our diverse student body brings together many different perspectives, strengthening classroom discussions and study group sessions. Enjoy a selection of personal stories captured below:

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VMED Strength – A Student led initiative

UVA medical students working with the UVA SOM Alumni Association proposed and built a student run gym specifically for UVA medical students use. The gym offers UVA medical students a wide variety of classes, equipment and peer support.

Learning Communities at UVA School of Medicine

The Mulholland Society – Student Government

The University of Virginia has a long-standing tradition of student self-governance which at the medical school is the Mulholland Society. This organization includes all medical students, and promotes the interests and concerns of the student body.

The Mulholland Society also educates and informs students of national and regional events in the medical field and serves as an outlet for the academic, social, and athletic interests of medical students. Members of the Mulholland Society are elected to represent the School of Medicine on University-wide committees such as the Honor and Judiciary Committees and the Student Council.

University of Virginia Honor Code

The University of Virginia Honor Code is at once an injunction and an aspiration. The injunction is simple: students pledge never to lie, cheat, or steal, and accept that the consequence for breaking this pledge is permanent dismissal from the University. It is for its aspirational quality, however, that the Honor Code is so cherished: in leading lives of honor, students have continuously renewed that unique spirit of compassion and interconnectedness that has come to be called the Community of Trust.

Diversity at UVA School of Medicine

Diversity at the School of Medicine

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The School of Medicine has a strategy of leveraging diversity and inclusion to drive our mission of excellence in the delivery of quality patient care, the conduct of biomedical research, and the training of health professionals.

For students, housestaff, faculty, staff and patients alike, we strive to foster a sense of community that values and takes advantage of our differences and similarities in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and beyond.

Diversity at the School of Medicine

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