Statistics Overview

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Each year, 156 new students representing a diverse group of individuals from across the nation with different interests, majors, and life experiences, enroll at the UVA School of Medicine. Below is information about applicants for the Class of 2024.

Class entering in 2020

Total Applications


4894 people applied to UVA School of Medicine for the class of 2024.

  • 765 Virginia Applications
  • 4129 Out of State Applications
  • 4894 Total Applications


Total Interviews


584 people were invited to interview at UVA School of Medicine for the class of 2024.

  • 133 Virginia Interviewees
  • 451 Out of State Interviewees
  • 584 Total Interviewees

Class demographics

Total Students


The UVA School of Medicine class of 2024 is comprised of a diverse student demographic.

  • 47% Virginians
  • 53% Out of State
  • 56% Women
  • 23% Underrepresented in Medicine


Grade Point Average


The UVA School of Medicine class of 2024 ranks high across U.S. educational grading standards.

  • Mean MCAT: 517.58
  • CPBS: 129.34
  • CARS: 128.68
  • BBFL: 129.73
  • PSBB: 129.83
  • GPA: 3.84

Applying to UVA School of Medicine

The UVA School of Medicine strives to build a talented and diverse student body, taking into account the personal attributes and academic qualifications of each applicant. The committee admits applicants who are most likely to make significant contributions to society as members of the medical profession — whether in clinical care, public health, medical research, policy, or education.