Adi Publication in eLife 10

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caspase-activated Pannexin 1 channels

Adi published his work (eLife 10: e64787, 2021), carried out as a multi-lab collaboration, which demonstrated that activated Pannexin 1 (Panx1) membrane channels are capable of releasing signaling metabolites (including ATP). Adi developed a proteoliposome system in which he incorporated purified Panx1 channels and activated them by caspase cleavage. Using this system, he developed assays to measure flux of large fluorescent dyes and signaling metabolites, and showed that molecules up to ~1 kDa could traverse the channel, with a demonstrable preference for anions. These data verify large molecule permeation directly through caspase-activated Panx1 channels that can support their many physiological roles, including in inflammation. Along with other Bayliss lab colleagues, we worked with the labs of our many UVA collaborators (Mark Yeager, Kodi Ravichandran, Lukas Tamm), and with Jorge Contreras and his group at Rutgers (since relocated to UC Davis).



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