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Congratulations, Liz Gonye- Wagner Fellowship Award Recipient!


The Pharmacology Department would like to send out huge congratulations to Elizabeth Gonye (Pharmacology Grad Student in Dr. Douglas Bayliss’s Lab),  for being one of the BIMS students to receive this…

Congrats to Adishesh Narahari- 2021 Outstanding Graduate Student


Please join the Pharmacology Department in congratulating Adishesh “Adi” Narahari of the Bayliss Lab, for being the recipient of the 2021 Outstanding Pharmacology Graduate Student and Robert Haynes Award! For this honor, Adi will…

Adi Publication in eLife 10


Adi published his work (eLife 10: e64787, 2021), carried out as a multi-lab collaboration, which demonstrated that activated Pannexin 1 (Panx1) membrane channels are capable of releasing signaling metabolites (including ATP).…

Keyong Publication in Cell Reports


  In a recent paper, Keyong uncovered a large subthreshold membrane potential oscillation in the CO2/H+-sensitive retrotrapezoid nucleus (RTN) neurons that drive brainstem breathing circuits (Cell Reports 34: 108714, 2021).…

Yingtang Publication in Nature


Yingtang published her work on a PACAP peptidergic brainstem system in mice that is activated immediately at birth to support breathing (Nature 589: 426-430, 2021). The activation of PACAP expression in…

Congratulations, Liz Gonye- F31 NRSA Recipient!


The Pharmacology department is sending out a huge congrats to Elizabeth (Liz) Gonye (Pharmacology Graduate Student in Douglas Bayliss’s Lab) for being a recent recipient of the Ruth L. Kirchstein…

Kudos to Adi Narahari- 2020 Recipient of the Whitfield Randolph Scholarship


Please join the Pharmacology department in congratulating one of our graduate and MSTP students (Adi Narahari G5  in Doug Bayliss Lab) for being one of two students who won this…

Joseph & Frances Larner Chair and Professor of Pharmacology, Dr. Douglas Bayliss Receives 2019 Kadner Award


Kudos to Dr. Douglas A. Bayliss, Joseph & Frances Larner Chair and Professor of Pharmacology, for receiving the 2019 Robert J. Kadner Award! This award honors Dr. Robert J Kadner,…

Have You Met…Adi?


We're delighted to welcome Adishesh Narahari aka Adi to the Bayliss Lab! Adi is a student in the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) who is beginning his first year of…

Alumni Weekend Brings Allison Back to Town


We were thrilled to see Allison Aiello, who came "home" for Alumni Weekend! Allison earned her PhD in May 2007 and she is currently a Senior Scientist at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, MA.