Online Insomnia Program Can Improve Sleep UVA Study Finds (NBC 29)

November 30, 2016 by School of Medicine Webmaster

If you battle insomnia, an online program from the University of Virginia could lend a hand.

Researchers there created what’s called the “sleep healthy using the internet program”, or SHUTI.

They conducted a study in which they found the program to be highly effective. It’s built on cognitive behavioral therapy and aims to help people fight off sleep issues by retraining them to take on healthy sleep patterns.

“We weren’t looking to actually try to do, for this to be better than sleep medication, or even face to face cognitive behavioral therapy, what we found was it was certainly as good as those and it was much more accessible and people were able to do it from their own homes with computer and internet access,” said Lee Ritterband, the lead researcher.

Of the 300 people enrolled in the study about half had either a medical or psychiatric condition, and approximately 70 percent had significant improvements.