Katharine E. Daniel, M.A. Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital

October 19, 2023 by cso2z@virginia.edu

On 10/02/2023 Katharine Daniel spoke to us about “Emotion Regulation as a Transdiagnostic Target for Personalized Treatment.

Katharine Daniel is a PhD Candidate in Clinical Psychology with a secondary concentration in Quantitative Psychology at the University of Virginia. She is currently a Clinical Psychology Fellow in the Center for Digital Mental Health at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Katharine’s research uses real-time monitoring and intensive longitudinal analytic methods to understand the real-world effects of anxiety and emotion dysregulation across changing contexts to inform the development of technology-assisted interventions. In this job talk, Katharine will discuss how her research program’s focus on studying emotion regulation in context through the development and application of innovative statistical approaches can guide personalized mHealth interventions that support mental health functioning in the face of complex physical health conditions.