Ava Lena D. Waldman, MHS/CCRP/PMP

August 3, 2023 by

Ava Lena WaldmanAva Lena received her BA in Spanish from Wellesley College, and MHS in Behavioral Science & Health Education and Certificate in Health Communication from The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.  Her passion is in delivering evidence-based, person-centered interventions that address challenges to living well with chronic health conditions when and where people need it.

Prior to coming to UVA in 2014, Ava Lena led HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and treatment programs on both coasts of the US.  Initially, Ava Lena joined the UVA research team that was developing PositiveLinks (PL), a mHealth platform that supports engagement in HIV care, as a clinical research coordinator. Today, she serves as the PL program manager.  Ava Lena works closely with the dedicated multidisciplinary PL team to provide high levels of support to organizations implementing PL and its adaptations for other health conditions in domestic and international settings.

When not at work, Ava Lena enjoys time with friends and her teenage son, and playing zookeeper to her houseful of critters.