Helen Reed, MPH

August 3, 2023 by cso2z@virginia.edu

Helen is a clinical research coordinator in the department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia. Currently, Helen is involved with the PositiveLinks (PL) team as the Quality Improvement and Implementation Coordinator, focusing on maintaining and building relationships with agencies utilizing the PositiveLinks platform as well as implementing at new sites. As a clinical research coordinator, Helen has also been involved with research from PositiveLinks looking at online mHealth community board engagement and viral non-suppression for PL users living with HIV.

Helen completed her B.A. in Criminology at The Ohio State University and went on to earn her Masters in Public Health from the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Throughout her time as a UVA student, her concentration was Health Policy, Law, and Ethics with a focus on mental health and its relationship with recidivism of those involved with the criminal justice system. Following her completion of her masters, she began her role as the PL Liaison at the UVA Ryan White Clinic working closely with patients and clinic staff in their use of PositiveLinks. Helen then moved into her current role with the PositiveLinks team where she continues to work closely with the PL platform and its users.

Helen is an Ohio native, growing up in the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights with her three brothers. She lives in Charlottesville with her pug, Darla and they enjoy all that Charlottesville has to offer.