Student Outcomes

Students and faculty processing during BIMS 2023 Hooding Ceremony.

Career Paths

The BIMS graduate program prepares students for success in many different career paths. Of course, the best measure of this robust training is the career outcomes for our students once they complete their PhD. The data below summarize the first position after graduation for BIMS trainees who received their PhD from one of our BIMS degree-granting programs between December, 2009 and September, 2019 (top graph). The bottom graph shows the current position of graduates who received their PhDs between December, 2009 and December, 2014. This range was selected to allow alumni a window of time in which to complete their postdoctoral training and move into subsequent positions. These data will be updated as more of our recent graduates make this transition.

Image: UVA BIMS alumni outcomes

Image: UVA BIMS alumni outcomes