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October 2, 2017 by School of Medicine Webmaster   |   Leave a Comment

Proteus LIMS is going away.

The mass spectrometry section of the Biomolecular Analysis Facility Core has for the past 11 years used a LIMS to handle sample submissions (iLab to handle just the billing) so that meta-data, raw data files, processed data, and reports could be stored and easily accessible in a single location. The LIMS, Genologics Proteus, can no longer be maintained for security reasons, as upgrade versions are no longer being supplied by the manufacturer. The University will not support an upgrade to a completely new system and as such, any data you have on the LIMS (anything received over the past 11 years) that you want to retain should be downloaded by 11/30/17 (login and go to the files tab to see what you have and download anything). After that point, the system will be shut down and the data will no longer be accessible. Starting some time in November, we will switch to a simple system where you will submit samples using iLab and we will pass data back to you through a web-based data drive. This system will not be a LIMS and will have very limited functionality. The Core will retain a copy of all raw data files, but you will be responsible for the data we pass back to you. More emails will come over the next two months as we switch systems.

Until you receive instructions otherwise, please continue to use Genologics Proteus LIMS to submit samples and iLab for billing.



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