Mass Spectrometry resource description

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The W. M. Keck Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Laboratory analyses proteins, peptides and some other biologically interesting molecules for University of Virginia investigators. The laboratory is located centrally in a room with dedicated climate control and backup power supply, with nearby office space.  There are three mass spectrometers for analyzing proteins, peptides, and other molecules.  The Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Velos ETD, including an attached HPLC system, performs high accuracy and high sensitivity analyses of single proteins or complex mixtures of proteins, including post translational modifications, on samples either in solution or in gels. Analyses of complex mixtures, such as whole cell extracts, can give relative quantitation data. The Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum Access, with dedicated HPLC and autosampler, provides absolute quantitation using selective reaction monitoring (SRM) for not only peptides but also for small molecules. The Bruker Microflex MALDI provides mass data of peptides, proteins and some other small molecules to verify synthesis, expression, etc.  This instrument is open access so users can do QC on their own timeframe.  These instruments and a staff with over 20 years experience make a wide range of experiments feasible.