Research in Progress (aka: BMG RIP)


BMG RIP is an initiative started at the behest of the BMG Ph.D. students and has the following features:

  • Every BMG student gives a 30 minute presentation once per year (1st year students give shorter presentations).
  • RIP typically meets once each month during the academic year.
  • Goals:
    1. Provide a forum in which the student would become familiar with what their fellow students are doing in the lab;
    2. Provide an opportunity to get feedback on early stage experiments;
    3. Learn about new techniques;
    4. Practice presenting your work in a “safe”, student-rich (a.k.a. Faculty-depleted) environment.

Students are encouraged to view the BMG RIP as an opportunity, rather than a duty! It is an opportunity to help a fellow student, learn a new technique or learn about a new biological problem.  The expectation is that students will find that taking the time to attend the RIP is likely to enhance your creativity and make you a more productive scientist than an extra hour at the bench!