Research Club


This Journal Club and Research Talk series is an instructional activity of the Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Graduate Program.  All academic personnel affiliated with the Program are urged to attend regularly, and graduate students are required to attend for all of their graduate years.

Journal Club

Journal Club presentations by second year students will focus on a timely aspect in Biochemistry/Molecular Genetics by utilizing publications as selected in consultation with the faculty advisor for the session.  All presentations are to be illustrative (e.g. redraw graphs and data tables to simplify and to make displays readable).  The literature is not merely to be presented, but carefully critiqued.  The scope of each student presentation should be limited to a single paper to make this in-depth critique possible.  As an additional aid to learning the art of presentation, students should consult with the faculty advisor for a critique of the talk before its scheduled delivery.

Research Talks

Research Talks by students in their third year or above will be intermingled with Journal Club presentations.  Unlike the BMG RIP series which serves primarily students, these Research Talks should be targeted to the entire department, including faculty, so should provide background and context, as well as the update on progress in the project.

In general, students are expected to present annually in this series throughout their sojourn in the department.