Program Information

Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Program Goals

The goals of this accredited clinical fellowship in interventional cardiology are to provide the fellow with the ability to:

  1. Understand the appropriate indications and contraindications for all interventional cardiovascular procedures as well as understand the important clinical variables determining appropriate patient selection and informed decision making.
  2. Evaluate coronary and peripheral angiograms for the suitability for a percutaneous interventional procedure and determine an appropriate plan to perform the procedure and to manage the patient pre- and post-procedure.
  3. Understand the interaction of the practice of interventional cardiology within the larger health care system and learn to practice cost-effective care while being an advocate for patients and learning ethically sound practice.
  4. Learn the complex health delivery systems involved in interventional cardiology and learn to work within the team which constitutes the interventional cardiology health care system.
  5. Communicate effectively to health care professionals, patients and their families.
  6. Perform all interventional procedures safely and efficiently.
  7. Recognize and treat all potential complications of percutaneous interventional procedures.
  8. Learn how to analyze their practice for needed improvement.
  9. Master the core knowledge base for interventional cardiology.
  10. Critically evaluate new technology, research and techniques in interventional cardiology and applying this information to their practice.

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