Standardized Patient Methodology
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Standardized patient methodology has been established as a valid, reliable and practical method of teaching and evaluating medical students. A properly trained standardized patient can serve as a patient, teacher and evaluator, allowing our future health care providers the opportunity to practice and be evaluated on specific skills related to patient interviewing, physical examinations and issues of professionalism. Our ultimate goal is to prepare learner participants to be competent and compassionate physicians that provide quality, state-of-the-art patient care.



Program Growth

Since our inception in 1994, learner participation has increased to 4300 hours of formative and summative activities in both undergraduate and graduate medical education. We have 80 standardized patients (SPs) currently registered, offering us a variety of skills, languages and cultural diversities. Presently, there are 140 cases on file for faculty and program use.

Besides our professional staff, the program has an Advisory Committee comprised of faculty and curriculum specialists who are also case reviewers and serve as program development advisors.