Clerkship Activities

Gynecological/Urological — Clinic exercise

Gynecological Teaching Associates participate in the Obstetrics/Gynecology clerkship during orientation.

Elective — Clinic exercise

Medical students work with standardized patients in electives on motivational interviewing and cultural competency.


Clerkship Assessments

Clerkship assessments

Medical students participate in the end of clerkship OSCE’s in the Neurology, Geriatrics, and Obstetrics/Gynecology clerkships.

Clinical Practice Examination

Medical students participate in the Clinical Practice Examination (CPX) as a requirement for the clerkship year.  This performance assessment includes ten patient encounters, each followed by a web-based clinical-reasoning exercise.  These cases represent a varied and representative sampling of clinical scenarios and are written by Faculty.   Students receive written feedback, which highlights the student’s strengths and weaknesses in this clinical practice exam. Details regarding this examination are available by clicking here: CPX Student Instructions.