Dr. Kent Visits Center for Diabetes Technology

The Center for Diabetes Technology (CDT) welcomed Dr. K. Craig Kent, Chief Executive Officer of UVA Health and Executive Vice President of Health Affairs, to tour the Center on September 28, 2021. 

Dr. Kent

Dr. Kent met with leadership, faculty, and staff members during his visit. CDT leadership shared recent accomplishments including the invention of the Artificial Pancreas, touched on all active clinical studies, and highlighted the Center’s Advanced Diabetes Management clinic. Dr. Kent presented to 30 staff members, on site, about his introduction to CDT and how the pandemic has interrupted research. He shared his appreciation of the work we do and highlighted how our work has already helped so many people living with Diabetes.

Dr. K. Craig Kent (Photographed by Madison G. Maloney) 


Jose and Dr. Kent

Next, Dr. Kent joined the CDT staff for a technical presentation on what it is like to be in the field at a clinical study. Principal investigator, José García-Tirado, PhD, and 10 additional staff members were off-site conducting a clinical study. Mr. García-Tirado presented an active subject’s blood glucose monitor sending values to our database for CDT data analysts. 

Dr. Kent reviewing blood glucose monitoring database from a clinical trial conducted off-grounds. (Pictured: José García-Tirado on screen & Dr. Kent – Photographed by Madison G. Maloney) 


Dr. Kent at CRU

Finally, Dr. Kent toured our Clinical Research Unit. Dr. Ananda Basu, MD, shared additional information about the Advanced Diabetes Management clinic and the clinical research they do at CDT. 

Dr. Kent in the Clinical Research Unit at CDT. (Pictured from left to right: Dr. Kent, Dr. Sue Brown, Harry Mitchell, COO, Boris Kovatchev, PhD & Center Director – Photographed by Madison G. Maloney)