Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in participating in the clinical trials taking place at the University of Virginia’s Center for Diabetes Technology!

How can I be considered for participation in a clinical trial?

Consent Form

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In order to be considered for a trial, you will need to first complete a consent form. After completing the consent, you will be directed to a diabetes history form. After completing these forms, a CDT staff member will reach out to you regarding clinical trial eligibility.

Consent Form

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What is the purpose of the consent form?

The consent form will help you decide if you want to be listed in a secure database that helps the CDT staff identify potential participants for future diabetes studies.

What will happen after I complete the diabetes history form?

Your information will be stored in a secure database accessible only to the CDT staff. If the information you provide matches the requirements for a specific study, you will be contacted by one of our Clinical Research Coordinators with further information regarding the clinical trial.

If I complete the forms, am I guaranteed a spot in a clinical trial?

We cannot promise that you will be enrolled in any current or future studies at the University of Virginia.

What resources can I use to find clinical trials closer to where I live?

The best site to use for finding clinical trials in your area is There you can see the design and purpose of studies going on throughout the world. You can also see the contact information for sites not listed on the CDT map.