The UVA Center for Diabetes Technology (CDT) Welcomed Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)

The UVA Center for Diabetes Technology (CDT) welcomed Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) for its Annual Research Reception.

September 29, 2022

Aaron J. Kowalski presenting at UVA CDT

Aaron J. Kowalski speaking to attendees.

We received guest speeches from Pam Edmonds, JDRF Global Mission Board and UVA Health Foundation Board member, and Aaron J. Kowalski, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, JDRF. They discussed welcoming notes, embraced the long history between JDRF and UVA CDT, and spoke to our mutual commitment of improving lives and curing Type 1 Diabetes.






Boris Kovatchev presenting history of diabetes technology (Pictured: Boris Kovatchev & historical timeline on screen)

Boris Kovatchev, Ph.D., Director of the CDT presenting history of diabetes technology.

Boris Kovatchev, Ph.D., Director of the CDT, shared an overview of the history and research at the Center, including the revolutionary accomplishments with the development of the algorithm  used in the artificial pancreas. The Artificial Pancreas was approved by the FDA in 2019. Sue Brown, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism at UVA, shared a memorial tribute for Stacey Anderson, M.D., who served as the Medical Director for the Center for many years and was the clinician in-charge of guiding many of the initial artificial pancreas studies at the University of Virginia.




Panel discussion on current projects, future state of artificial pancreas technology, and diabetes industry updates (Pictured from left to right: Marc Breton, Chiara Fabris, and Daniel Cherñavvsky)

Panel discussion on current projects, future state of artificial pancreas technology, and diabetes industry updates.

Finally, we held a panel discussion with Marc Breton, Ph.D., Associate Director of Research at CDT, Chiara Fabris, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at CDT, and Daniel Cherñavvsky, M.D., Senior Director of Medical Affairs at Dexcom and previously former Assistant Professor of Research at CDT. They took turns discussing how important advocacy in research through JDRF and UVA contributes to technological advancements. Dr. Daniel Cherñavvsky shared his accomplishments  at the Center and his involvement with the Center’s pivotal trial on the artificial pancreas program. Marc Breton and Chiara Fabris spoke to the advanced opportunities for further research at the Center relating to the artificial pancreas algorithm. Specifically, how the algorithm will be enhanced through further on-going research related to exercise and meals.




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The Center for Diabetes Technology would like to thank everyone in attendance. It was an honor to be your host and to our continuing fine association.