Giulio Santini

Blank AvatarData Systems Developer

Office: Center for Diabetes Technology,
560 Ray C Hunt Drive
Charlottesville, VA


B.S. in Computer Science, James Madison University 

Professional Activities:

Giulio’s main responsibilities are software development and oversight and maintenance of the Center’s digital infrastructure. He helps realize a lot of the monitoring software that is used by both clinicians and clinical trial participants, and he is helping streamline and automate a lot of the data collection and infrastructure management required for CDT studies.

Personal Activities:

Outside of work, Giulio enjoys math, biking, soccer, learning languages, and drawing. He has a soft spot for competitive video games, in particular StarCraft: Brood War (or any personal pursuit that involves deliberate improvement) and Dungeons and Dragons with friends. Time permitting, Giulio would like to go back to school for an additional degree, in Math or Economics.

Picture coming soon!