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Joshua Davis’ Experience using the Artificial Pancreas


Check out this video of 7 year old Joshua Davis as he describes his experiences and glycemic control while using the InControl Artificial Pancreas technology during the Center for Diabetes Technology's…

Power of the Artificial Pancreas


An artificial pancreas device could give patients with diabetes a way to manage the disease while affording them more freedom in everyday life. CDT Director Boris Kovatchev was recently featured…



Follow as one of our trial participants blogs about his experience on the DiAs!

Continuous use of closed-loop system increases time in range, decreases hypoglycemia


Results from one of the CDT's recent studies showed that by using closed-loop control 24/7 median time at less than 70 mg/dL decreased from 4.1% at baseline to 1.7% (P…

Marc Breton Describes Artificial Pancreas Components – YouTube


In the video below, UVA engineer Marc Breton describes the current state of the CDT's artificial pancreas algorithms!  

To Test Artificial Pancreas, Kids With Diabetes Hit The Slopes | CPR


  The study's final results won't be ready for awhile but initial findings were positive," said Dr. Greg Forlenza of CU-Denver Source: To Test Artificial Pancreas, Kids With Diabetes Hit…

Trials Abroad


A trial using UVA's artificial pancreas software in France is discussed starting minute 15 of the linked video: Le journal de 13h - Le 13 heures du 7 avril 2016.…

Kids With Diabetes Hit Slopes To Test Artificial Pancreas System


We are [...] testing some innovative technologies that ultimately are going to benefit all people with type 1 diabetes to make their life a little bit more about living and…

Artificial pancreas could be ready in 2017 for diabetics


The algorithms it is based on are resulting in better and better outcomes. For people with type I diabetes, it's quite a hopeful time."  -Dr. Marc Breton Source: Artificial pancreas…

Artificial pancreas: game changer for diabetes treatment? – Medical News Today


The idea of an artificial pancreas has been discussed for decades, but it is only very recently that it has become a potentially viable option.Designed by Boris Kovatchev and his…